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videoconferencing / video chat


Any word on whether you can videoconference from an n800 to anything besides another n800 right now? (I only have a 770, so I can’t test).

Undoubtedly (I like positive thinking) the skype client will take advantage of the webcam api to provide video connectivity to skype users on win/mac (since the regular linux client doesn’t do video AFAIK). It’ll be a good thing, because my parents use skype on windows and my girlfriend uses skype on her mac. So they’ll finally be able to see me. Not that they have webcams, mind you. But once it does work, I’ll have an excuse to get each of them a webcam.


Use the Nokia 770 as a bluetooth keyboard for the Nokia N800


Looks like the successor to the Nokia 770 internet tablet is about to come out, called the Nokia N800. Here’s the unofficial announcement from several places:

So here’s my idea: since there’s a program that makes either one into a bluetooth keyboard, I’m planning on getting a N800 and using my current 770 as its keyboard. Damn, that’s probably the most expensive bluetooth keyboard there is out there (even more expensive than this one).

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