Could we all agree to modify our blog feed URLs so that only internet-tablet-related things end up on planet maemo? Competing hardware and software is okay, even, but some of the stuff that’s been on here lately is completely off topic.

When I wanted to be part of planet maemo, I setup a separate blog just for internet tablet related stuff. I realize that’s not possible for everyone, so I suggest this:

With wordpress (which I use), to narrow down the rss entries to a related category, don’t just copy and paste the regular url-for-my-blog/feed link at the bottom, but use url-for-my-blog/category/internettablet/feed/ for the url. The only difference is the category/internettablet/ part before the feed/ and you have to make it a category that you’ve been using on your blog. If you have more than one category, you could setup a yahoo pipe that concatenates all related entries and then make that what gets posted to planet maemo.

It would be much appreciated by almost everyone hooked into this feed.

Thank you for reading this nearly offtopic post.



2 Responses to “offtopic”

  1. cwiiis Says:

    Actually, I enjoy reading off-topic posts on planets. I think that planets should be a window into the lives of people behind a project, not just a collection of posts strictly relating to a topic. Fair enough, I can understand this viewpoint though, but I dispute the ‘It would be much appreciated by almost everyone’ comment; I certainly wouldn’t appreciate it.

  2. christefano Says:

    Amen, mzandrew. This has been bothering me for a while. I agree that we’re all technically savvy enough to have individual feeds for each tag.

    Personally, I really don’t care to see posts in Planet Maemo about the Xbox, Ubuntu certifications and the war in Iraq. If the folks syndicated on Planet Maemo want me to read their posts about it, they could write an ontopic post that makes me interested enough to to visit their website.

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